Meet with L&S Advisor Maire Lanigan

Update academic progress and discuss fulfilling degree requirements. Maire holds drop-in hours from 10 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. on Mondays at the DSP office.

Meet with a Faculty Mentor

Professors from several departments hold drop-in hours for students at DSP. Get a faculty perspective on disclosure of disability in graduate school applications, how to discuss your accommodations and disability needs with faculty, or any other topics you'd like to discuss.

Join or organize a study group

Research shows that students who study together not only get better grades but also have more fun!

Establish and maintain relationships with your instructors

Knowing you personally will help instructors assist you with any learning problems you may have. Later these instructors may be more willing and able to provide you with recommendations for graduate school or employment.

  • Have a long-term plan for getting to know instructors. For example, take several classes from the same instructor; ask instructors to help you plan your major or graduate study; take smaller classes so you'll have more direct contact with your instructors; get on the departmental list serve so you'll know about lectures given by specific instructors, and attend these lectures; get involved in undergraduate research; do an independent study course and/or a senior thesis.
  • Attend each instructor's office hours: not just once, but several times per semester. You can drop by just to introduce yourself and discuss the class in general, or you can raise a specific topic for discussion. If you are worried about not having anything to say, bring something in writing: for example, written questions or the draft of an essay.
  • Get yourself noticed in class. Contribute meaningfully to class discussions. Raise your hand to make comments or ask questions.

Request a tutor

Let your DSP Specialist know if you might need a tutor. Through a cooperative program between DSP/TRIO and the Student Learning Center, some DSP/TRIO students may be teamed with well-trained SLC tutors.

Math/Science/Engineering Majors: Participate in NERDS & UC LEADS

NERDS and the UC LEADS program provide study groups, tutoring, and grad-school/career help to Math, Science, and Engineering majors. See or email

Check out the resources of the Student Learning Center (SLC)

The SLC offers credit-bearing classes linked to lecture courses, as well as tutoring, study groups, problem sessions, exam reviews, and mini-lectures — all designed to improve students' mastery of course material.

Spend a semester studying away from campus

Discuss the possibility of studying abroad with your academic advisor and your DSP Specialist.

Use the Cal libraries

Library staff will furnish special assistance to students with disabilities. For advice or information about using the libraries, contact the Disabled Users' Library Network representative in the Main Library, Moffitt, or any of the branch libraries on campus.

Disability Studies

Consider taking a course or doing a minor in Disability Studies. Disability Studies provides leadership and training for students, faculty, staff, and community members.