Complete FL 201 and Using Financial Aid to Pay for College

Learn skills to increase your financial independence and manage your money

TRIO students are expected to complete at least one of our short, interactive Financial Literacy online modules (FL 101) each year. The modules are designed to give you the skills necessary to manage your money and increase your financial independence. Each semester, students who have completed a module will be entered into a raffle for a $75 gift certificate at the ASUC store.

To take any module, go online to If you are a returning FL101 student, log in with your email address and password in the Returning Students section. If you're new to FL101, go to the New Students section, enter in code UCBDSP13 (all caps) and fill out the information on the Course Registration page.

All students on financial aid are encouraged to complete the short module Using Financial Aid to Pay for College (Course number 188). This module describes the basics of financial aid, including the types of aid, applying for aid, borrower responsibilities, and repayment strategies.

Financial Literacy 201 (Course number 189) is designed for transfer students and covers topics including maintaining financial health, budgeting, tips on saving money, and paying off student loans.

Note: All modules except FL 101 require a course registration number to add to your list. After you log in, go to the Course Registration section in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, and enter the course number for the module you want to take, then click "Add Course." (Course numbers are: Using Financial Aid: 188; FL 201: 189; FL 301: 195.)

Meet with DSP/TRIO Financial Aid Specialist Kerry Stamps

You may be eligible for disability-related funding, scholarships, or services from the Department of Rehabilitation. For more info, email Kerry or see our Financial Aid Resources site.

Review the Money Management Guide

The Money Management Guide has ideas and resources for finding, making, and managing money. See the Guide online or ask your Specialist for a hard copy.

Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor

Financial Aid Office counselor Yolanda Smith will be holding on-site drop-ins at DSP. Check with the receptionist or your Specialist for dates and times, or check the TRIO calendar. She will assist students with individual Financial Aid issues and FAFSA-related questions. Students do not need an appointment, but will be seen individually on a first-come, first-served basis.