Discuss your post-graduation plans with your Disability Specialist

Consider how your disability may affect you in grad school, pre-professional school, or your chosen career. Before graduation, what plans can you make to maximize your assets and minimize your limitations?

See your Specialist for information and referral for resources for applying to and financing graduate school. Make an appointment with Carla Trujillo, Director, Graduate Diversity Program.

"Certification of Disability"

Will you need new or revised "certification of disability"? (For example, updated testing for learning disability.) You may want to make arrangements now.

Make a copy of your documentation

In accordance with University policy, DSP keeps files up to five years after a student graduates or leaves the University.

See your Specialist about accommodations on the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and other pre-grad and pre-professional school exams

Details are available through the UC Berkeley Career Center. For more information, see our guide, "Applying for Accommodations on Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional School Examinations."

Plan site visits of graduate facilities

How would you rate their accessibility? Don't forget to investigate the disability services office. Will professionals there be able to meet your needs?