Stay in touch with your DSP Specialist

You can communicate with your DSP Specialist by e-mail or you can make an appointment; call (510) 642-0518, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. (closed noon to 1 p.m. for lunch). You can also "drop in" to see your Specialist. The Receptionist will give you a list of DSP Specialists' drop-in hours.

Request accommodation letters

  • Early in the term (or even before it begins) go online to request your accommodation letters.
  • Meet with your instructors during their office hours to discuss your accommodations and other disability-related needs. Bring hard copies of your accommodation letters to them.
  • Check with instructors at least a week before exams to be sure that accommodations will be provided.
  • Check with instructors before the Proctoring Center deadlines to be sure that accommodations will be provided.
  • Consult your DSP Specialist immediately if you experience any problems with your accommodations.

Request auxiliary services

[Alternative Media Guidelines | Print Access Guide]

When you apply for your accommodation letters, don't forget to request needed auxiliary services that have been authorized for you. Let us know if you have trouble finding an auxiliary services provider; we have a special assistant who will help you.

Request a reduced course load

If you need to take fewer courses for disability-related reasons, you can request a "reduced course load letter". Take the letter to your college advisor. If you are receiving financial aid, ask your Specialist to notify the Financial Aid Office about your reduced course load status.

Explore assistive technology

"Assistive technology" (AT) refers to ways of using technology (computer hardware and software, and other devices) to offset the effects of disabilities. DSP/TRIO offers instruction in AT. In order to support their needs for personal assistive technology software, DSP/TRIO students who have filed a FAFSA also receive priority consideration for DSP's Student Technology Grant. If you have questions about your AT needs, please ask your Specialist.

Follow the TRIO calendar, bSpace and Facebook page

Our TRIO calendar collects TRIO dates to remember, including academic deadlines; disability-related events on campus and in the local community; and deadlines for scholarships, fellowships, and internships.

bSpace is the tool that we use to keep you informed about our TRIO services and events.

Our Facebook page is a way for you to interact with your fellow DSP/TRIO students, along with allies of the disability community on and off campus.

Check dates for finals

When scheduling your classes, be sure to check the time and date of the final exam for each class. This could help alert you to possible scheduling problems, such as two finals on the same day or consecutive days.

Maintain your mental and physical health

Your mental and physical health are important and have a direct impact on your academics. Please use the resources that UC Berkeley has to offer — University Health Services or Counseling and Psychological Services.