Request a tutor

Let your Specialist know if you might need a tutor. Through a cooperative program between DSP/TRIO and the Student Learning Center (SLC), some DSP/TRIO students may be teamed with well-trained SLC tutors.

Check out the resources of the Student Learning Center (SLC)

The SLC offers credit-bearing classes linked to lecture courses, as well as tutoring, study groups, problem sessions, exam reviews, and mini-lectures—all designed to improve students' mastery of course material.

Seek regular academic advising and assistance from your DSP Specialist

Individual consultations are also available on assistance with: major selection, college requirements, and coursework to prepare for graduate school; test anxiety reduction; and reading efficiency.

Meet with an L&S Advisor

Maire Lanigan and Philaine Seher hold drop-in hours at DSP from 10am to noon and 1-3pm on Thursdays. They can assist you with your courses, schedule, academic progress, and other requirements. Check our calendar for last-minute changes in their schedule.

Exploring Learning Differences: Strategies for Success

Education 98/198 (Spring 2014: Section 14)

Enroll in this 2-unit P/NP course, which is designed to help students with learning disabilities or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder succeed at Cal. The course combines disability information with academic success tips and solid peer support. Sign up through TeleBEARS or contact Carolyn Swalina, (510) 642-0518. For Fall 2014: CC# 23623 for Education 98 (freshmen), and CC# 23887 for Education 198 (transfers).

Consider taking a course or doing a minor in the field of Disability Studies

Disability Studies provides leadership and training for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Enroll in a Freshman and Sophomore Seminar

Freshman and Sophomore Seminars allow you to explore mutual interests with a faculty member. Become an active member of the UC Berkeley intellectual community.

Strategies for Success: Freshmen and Transfer Students

Education 98/198

Enroll in these courses, which are designed to assist freshmen and transfer students in making effective personal and academic transitions to university life.

Connect with Career Counselors and Career Counseling Library staff at the Tang Center

Stop by the Career Counseling Library to learn about major, career and graduate school exploration resources. You can also sign up to meet with a Career Counselor who can support you with your major and career goals by helping you assess and understand your interests. Counselors also welcome discussions related to other personal factors that might be affecting your career goals. Call Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) at (510) 642-9494 and ask for an appointment with a Career Counselor.